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Each of these photographs was taken in a moment during my healing.  I believe even inanimate objects can tell a story, be full of life, and transfer energy.  Therefore, I hope that by finding a place in your home, your selection also finds a place in your life. Thank you for considering purchase.

The Prints

Each print is very special to me.  The work does not stop after the photograph is taken.  I take great pride in the printing of the photograph as well.  Each print is completed start to finish by myself.  This allows me to ensure what you are receiving is what I intended. High quality ink is used for every photo.  Customization of size is available for most photographs.

Limited Prints are printed on professional quality photograph paper

Limited Archival Prints are printed, matted, and framed to archival standards.* ** ***They are also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, description and narrative of the photograph, signed, and serial numbered.

* Unless otherwise stated

** My definition of archival standards is that I have to the best of my knowledge complied with the information provided.  The products used in production have been described as acid-free and archival

*** Price does not include framing or shipping unless specified

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