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I am a native of Georgia.  Born in Jonesboro, I have grown up most of my life under and above the pines. Honestly, I never knew how much they were a part of me, until I was not wrapped in their arms.  I moved away for a few years to California.  It was the openness of the ocean, and the scale of the mountains that deepened my love for the trees.  It was there I realized the joy, the comfort, and safety they made me feel.  Like a child’s blanket, or favorite toy, they provide me a consistency of care.  Amongst the pines I am home.


One can not see the forest for the trees - A phrase turned to minimize thoughts of looking small and to instead broaden your view.  What if we look not in parts of small or large, but at our environment as a whole?  AMONGST THE PINES is a collection of work highlighting the interconnected system of life throughout Georgia.  Explore the amazing beauty from our coast, to the swamp.  Come inland to examine our native plants and the small wonders upon them.  View life in our lakes, rivers and the sky above us.  Each just as important as the other.  

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